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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Not Your Average Philharmonic Orchestra Ad Campaign

Check out these wacky ads for Konzerthaus Dortmund, a philharmonic orchestra in Dortmund, Germany.

You don't really need any commentary here, do you?

Via I Believe in Advertising.


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Monday, July 30, 2007

Urkel Matters

Inspired by my last post, here are some things you didn’t know about Steve Urquel or did know but had forgotten and of which you are now happy to be reminded:

  • His father was a brain surgeon
  • Urkel makes a guest appearance on an episode of Full House to help Stephanie “How rude!” Tanner deal with having to get glasses
  • Steve periodically transformed himself into his suave alter ego Stefan Urquelle by using a Transformation Chamber that he created. This chamber runs on “a liquid known as ‘Boss Sauce’ (a combination of the original liquid, ‘Cool Juice’, plus a booster liquid)”
  • Steve eventually created a cloning machine to create a permanent clone of Stefan Urquelle
  • Lyrics to the accompanying song for “The Urkel Dance”: “If you want to do the Steve Urkel dance, all you have to do is hitch up your pants, bend your knees, and stick out your pelvis; I'm telling you, baby, it's better than Elvis!”
  • Somebody somewhere might still have a copy of “The Urkel Dance” cassette single
  • Cartman has a sleeping bag with a picture of Steve Urkel on it
  • By the last season of Family Matters, Jaleel White, the actor who portrayed Urkel, was getting paid $100,000 per episode
  • For a brief time during the run of Family Matters, you could start your morning with a breakfast cereal called "Urkel-Os" featuring Steve on the box

And now let's have a look at Jameel White today:

I've got nothing.


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Timothy McPretty Funny Lists

If you don’t already Timothy McSweeney’s Lists then you’re pretty lame. No, just kidding, I don’t even know you. But seriously, you should be reading Timothy McSweeney’s Lists.

Here’s one to whet your appetite:

See? Funny, right? Right.


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This Is About A Site About Crates & Barrels In Videogames

Crates & Barrels is a site that catalogs screencaps of crates and barrels in videogames. That’s pretty much all it does. Dozens of videogame crates:

and barrels:

just sitting there, waiting for your gaze to be cast upon them. Seconds, nay minutes of perusing pleasure at your fingertips. The best part, however, is neither crate nor barrel. No. It’s the site’s description on the homepage: “This is about crates and barrels in videogames.” Indeed.

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So I had a pluot last night, which is a plum-apricot hybrid fruit. It was tasty, thanks for asking. And so it got me thinking, as any true blogger would: “my blog is long overdue for a post on hybrid fruit.” So, without further ado, here’s, uh, a list of hybrid fruit:

I should also tell you about Zaiger Genetics, "a Family Organized to Improve Fruit Worldwide" that has "achieved global prominence for their robust fruit and rootstock breeding program." They hold the trademark for pluots, apriums and peacotums, amongst others.

I sure am glad we had this little chat, aren’t you? What's that you say? Worst post ever? Sigh.


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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pickles Do It Better

Dear nice people who work at Pickle Sickle,

I love pickles. I love popsicles too. Ergo I will surely love, love your pickle juice popsicles. Please send me a lifetime supply of Pickle Sickles so that I can tell the world how wonderful they truly are.

With love,


P.S. If they are made from bread and butter pickle juice then don’t bother.

Via Junk Food Blog.


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You Are Wasteful

Running the Numbers is a great photo series feature in The Morning News by photographer-cum-anti-mass-consumption-activist Chris Jordan. Jordan attempts to capture the reality of American mass consumption by creating visual expressions of statistics. He hopes that seeing the cumulative effect of each individual’s actions will shock people out of complacency. So I’m doing my part by passing on the message. What are you doing about it, huh? Huh?

Depicts 106,000 aluminum cans, the number used in the U.S. every 30 seconds.

Depicts 60,000 plastic bags, the number used in the U.S. every five seconds.

Via BoingBoing.

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Musicovery is a pretty little webradio application that allows users to select the music they would like to listen to based on various parameters. Click a point in the “matrix” of the calm/energetic and dark/positive axes to determine the mood of the music you want to listen to. Also select by genre, decade and popularity. A click in the neighborhood of “calm” and “positive” within the “electro” genre spawned a pretty little organic blossom of…wait for it…calm and positive electronic music such as Air, Björk, Thievery Corporation and Massive Attack.

Ever since Pandora ran into “licensing constraints” and stopped offering their service to users outside of the United States, I’ve been looking for a new web-based radio app to play with. I think I just found it! What think ye?

Thanks Jamie!


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Not A Dirty Pun

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged regularly that I seem to have forgotten all about the simple pleasures that the internet has to offer and that I in turn offer to you. Like this collection of photographs of wet cats lookin all silly as wet cats tend to do.

Let’s have a laugh or two at their expense, shall we?

Silly cats.

Via Geisha Asobi.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Call It Like You See It

Tessa Farmer makes little itsy bitsy sculptures out of dead insects and other organic material and calls it art.

I call it ew.

Via Geisha Asobi.

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Cult Fiction

Crazy 4 Cult is a group exhibit currently running at Gallery 1988 (of I Am 8 Bit fame) in Los Angeles where artists display artwork inspired by their (or somebody’s) favorite cult movie(s). Pretty sweet idea. Here’s the flyer by Chris Lee:

I’m seeing some Weird Science, some Pulp Fiction, a little Rocky Horror Picture Show, a bit o’ Clerks and a whole bunch of other stuff that I’m sure you’ll tell me about. And for those of you who won’t be in the Los Angeles area any time soon (which approximately all of you), here’s a sampling of what you’re not going to see:

“All Together Now” by Jeff McMillan

“The Jesus” by Carlos Ramos

“Ed’s Losing” by Greg Simkins

Via Drawn.

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Would You Like Fries With Your Chips?

OK so looks like I’m a little late to the party on this one. Like, really late. Like, everyone’s-already-passed-out-and-the-sun-is-rising late but I still think this is very important information nonetheless. Almost timeless really. Our friends over at Frito-Lay (and by “friends” I mean I’ve never met them but I’m secretly hoping they’ll send me free chips) came up with a clever marketing campaign/contest called X-13D. Sometime in May 2007 mysterious looking bags of Doritos like this:

Were made available for public consumption (presumably on in the US only). The idea is that people had to name the flavor of the chip and enter their guess online to see if they won. Brilliant. Now that’s all fine and dandy but the real news here is the actual flavor. I’m not entirely convinced that you can handle it but I’m going to tell you anyway:

Cheeseburger! Doritos! Cheeseburger Doritos! This is an important moment in history, dear readers. If anyone out there has managed to get their grubby little fingers on these special chips, please do share your flavor experience with us. I have so many questions! Can you taste all the toppings? Ketchup? Mustard? Pickles? Beef? Lettuce? Sesame bun? Please tell us, in 250 – 300 words, how your life has changed since experiencing this unique flavor amalgamation.

Too far?

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Little Miss, Little Miss, Little Miss Can't Be Ugly

According to his website, Alain Delorme is a French photographer of a new school of artists that use “the computing tool for the ends of mutation and hybridization of bodies.” Man, I gotta get me one them computing tools! His newest series of photographs, Little Dolls, is meant to be a scathing criticism of Western (particularly American) stereotypes of female beauty. The main subjects of Delorme’s criticism seem to be young girls’ beauty pageants and Barbie. So he grabbed a bunch of little girls (well he probably didn’t just grab them off the street or anything like that. I mean, I’m pretty sure he held like auditions and stuff. Don’t go spreading any rumors now), dressed them up, painted their faces all pretty (read: creepy)-like sat them down in front of various baked goods and snapped photos of them which he then proceeded to “mutate” and “hybridize” with his fancy “computing tool”. The result is this:

Which totally reminds me of those terrifying little girls from the beauty pageant in Little Miss Sunshine, non?

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