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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Other People's Problems Are Worse Than Yours

This is one of the funniest sites I've seen in a long time. There are no pretty pictures and there isn't any fancy design. Just a lot of words. Funny words. It's called Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About (or TMGAIHAA for short) - I think that's pretty self-explanatory. The author is an English guy and his girlfriend Margaret is German and apparently deranged (but he loves her so don't worry). His writing is absolutely hilarious. Here's an example:

Margret thinks I'm vain because... I use a mirror when I shave. During this
argument in the bathroom - our fourth most popular location for arguments, it
will delight and charm you to learn - Margret proved that shaving with a mirror
could only be seen as outrageous narcissism by saying, 'None of the other men
I've been with,' (my, but it's all I can do to stop myself hugging her when she
begins sentences like that) 'None of the other men I've been with used a mirror
to shave. ''Ha! Difficult to check up on that, isn't it? As all the other men
you've been with can now only communicate by blinking their eyes!' I said. Much
later. When Margret had left the house.

Even his F.A.Q.s are highly entertaining:

Question - Because I have only a vestigial
sense of humour and am also, let's be honest, not the brightest person in the
world, I actually believe that this page isn't a collection of amusing things,
but rather a place in which you've poured out your feelings, perhaps as a form
of therapy or a cry for help. What am I?

Answer - A twat.

Ahahahahahahahahaha. No? OK, how about the "F.A.Q.s for Americans: section:

Question - Why don't you just kick the bitch out (that's what I'd have done,
on day one)?

Answer - Wow! You're really impressive - and so masculine. I wish I were more
like you. You're great. And not just an heroic figure to all men either, but a
huge success with the ladies too, I have absolutely no doubt about that. You've
slept with lots of women haven't you? Just loads. Yes you have. Thanks for your
input; we all thought you were dead manly and irresistible to anyone with a
uterus already, but your words just confirm it. Cheers.

I love this guy. You can read most of his stuff here but he's no longer updating the site, you have to join the mailing list here.

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