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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


OK this one of the most useless applications I've ever seen. Even more useless than most of the things I write about and I've written about some pretty useless stuff. In fact, I don't even really know what purpose this serves, I think it was created purely as fodder for us bored and aimless bloggers...and obviously it worked. "It" is called Amaztype, and what does it do, you ask? Well I was just about to tell you before you so rudely interrupted me. Amaztype writes out the word of your query (author, musician, director, actor, film, album, book, etc.) with pictures from the Amazon website. Get it? No? OK, if you enter "Harry Potter" and select "book" you will see the words "Harry Potter" written out with pictures of the Harry Potter books. Still don't get it? Jeeze, just look at the example below. Try it out for youself here. For the most popular searches, try the Amaztype Zeigeist and for some other random pictures, try the Amaztype tag on Flickr.

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