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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Picture This

Now this is just the type of thing that I like. And I hope all of you like it as much as I do. And if you don't, well there isn't really much I can do about that now is there? This site is called 10x10. Every hour the site uses "an elaborate process of weighted linguistic analysis" on RSS feeds from the BBC, The New York Times and Reuters. The process extracts the top 100 words used in that hour's news stories. The words are then matched with pictures and a 10 by 10 mosaic style design is posted on the website every hour. Clicking on a word or a corresponding picture will show you links relevant articles from those sources. The process is entirely automated and computerized. There is no human interference whatsoever. The site is really well-designed, it looks great and it's easy to navigate (you know, like mine). It also contains archives of "news snapshots" for every hour of every day back to November 2004. It's really an innovative way of getting your news. Try it here.

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