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Friday, October 14, 2005

Don't Buy Me This

The Nokia 888 Communicator is a phone with a liquid battery and a touch screen that allows it to bend in to any shape: roll it, fold it, clip it, wear it on your arm like one of those old-school slap-stick bracelets that I should really blog about sometime (anyone remember what they were called?). It boasts such features as an alarm clock, PDA, GPS, push email receiver and digital wallet. You can even set the display picture so that it looks like jewelry. Totally freakin awesome and normally right about now I would ask one of you to buy me this but this time I won't because it doesn't exist. Boo. See how I did that? I set it all up by talking about how cool it is and all the features and stuff and got you all excited about it and checking your account balances to see if you could afford another unnecessary gadget and then I knocked it down, took it all away from you. Sorry about that. Anyway, this is was Nokia's winning entry into the Benelux Design Contest. This is what they think phones will be like in the future. So just sit tight and I'll let you know when they're actually available for real.

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