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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Crazy Happy Detailed Lunch

Remember when they came out with Lunchalbles and we thought they were the coolest thing ever? Well I did anyway, maybe cause my mom never bought them but whatever. Well not only are North Americans way behind the Japanese in anything techonology-related, but we're also behind with respect to prepackaged children's foods. Man I'm moving to Tokyo just for these. They're called Crazy Happy Lunch! and they are incredibly detailed in their use of food to create, well, stuff.

This little birdy is made of rice and he's got a salad nest and asparagus for branches and I'm not sure what the eggs are made of but you can be sure that they're edible.
Having trouble getting your kid to eat his/her shrimp/sausage? No problem, just position the food to make a Meat Mermaid complete with spaghetti hair and a red pepper crown and they'll be all over it.

Not sure what the little pink flowers are made of but the seaweed for hair is cute. And the brocoli as a carrot top is a nice touch. I guess there was a problem with actually using really carrot tops?

These appetizers are the best. Cauliflower sheep? Genius!

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