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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What Happens When You Die

I read about this in the paper last week but I thought it was too creepy to post about but I have now reconsidered at my brother's behest. Body Worlds is a science exhibit that displays the various elements of human anatomy in life-like 3D models. These models are extremely realistic because they are real human bodies. Real. Human. Bodies. Yeah, gross. The bodies are donated to the Heidelberg Institute for Plastination which uses a plastination process to halt tissue decomposition "by removing water and fats from the tissue and replacing these with polymers," thereby depriving bacteria of what they need to survive. Of course the process is much more involved than that. Here the full explanation, complete with flow chart. The bodies are then positioned into the desired poses. The exhibit is now on tour and is currently at the Ontario Science Centre. Intrigued? Eager to participate? Donate your body here. The first thing I thought when I read about this was do you think the deceased's family members can recognize them? Just asking.

Do you think he's supposed to be swimming or doing the worm dance?

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