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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pimp My Park

OK so I've already taught you how to make your own (online) flipbook, your own (online) comic strip and your own Flickr poster, all without having to get your lazy ass up off your office chair. What could possibly be next? Your very own South Park character! Yes it's true, dear readers, I will give you the power to make your very own Cartman/Kyle/Kenny/Stan/Jimmy/ Timmy/Butters/Chef/miscellaneous South Park character. Now I drew that one down there all by myself but since you don't have the same skills as me (ahem) you can just go to this Create-A-Character site, mess around for a couple of minutes and come up with a crazy-ass character like mine (that I did all by myself though. On, um, Photoshop). It's actually pretty amazing how simple the characters are. A big circle for the head, some googly eyes, wacky hair, a cigarette and a machine gun and you're well on your way. Make yours here.

Wow, that was hellaeasy.

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