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Monday, September 12, 2005

The Million Dollar Scam That's Actually Working

I hate people like this guy. Actually I don't even know him, I'm just jealous. I can admit it. Alex is a university student from the UK and in order to pay off his tuition fees, he has created something called "The Million Dollar Homepage". On this homepage there are a million pixels. He is selling each pixel to advertisers for $1 US. The minimum purchase is a block of 10x10 pixels, so $100 US. That's it. No it's true. And it's working. At last count (on Monday, September 12th, just over two weeks after the website was launched), the dude has already sold $8,700 worth of online real estate. I know. Instead of being bitter, let's think about the lesson that is to be taken away from this story: you can make money off a cheap, easy gimmick. Especially on the internet. So I want all of you to go and think of the best idea for making money without actually working for it and then email then to me so I can test it out. OK?

This monstrosity is potentially worth one million dollars. Makes you not want to go to work today, huh?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

http://the-power-couple.blogspot.com/ is another coypcat version. But I guess you will not hate him, he make peanuts from it. =p

11:25 AM  

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