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Thursday, May 17, 2007

You Get the Point

The Japanese versions of the PC vs Mac commercials. Ha!

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Têtes à Claques

If you know me then chances are I've already blabbed to you about the Quebecois short video site Têtes à Claques (and probably more than once too cause I'm totally one of those people who never remembers to whom she's told what). And if not then I'm telling you now. The videos feature footage of real mouths and eyes super-imposed over clay dolls to create really creepy looking characters. The creator Michel Beaudet originally intended to make stop-motion animation shorts until he got lazy and realized that all the work was in the eyes and mouth. So instead of moving them frame by frame, he just filmed real ones.

This is some really funny stuff, my friends. Even if you don't speak French. But funnier if you do. And even funnier if you're from Quebec. And funnier still if you went to a French high school with lots of Quebecois teachers.

Thanks Sasha!

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Architecture In A City I'm Not From

So I've been noticing this trend lately of bands naming themselves after cities they're not actually from. I decided the only thing I could do about it was make a map to catalog this information. I mean really, what else could I do?

Come on folks! I made you a gosh darn map! The least you could do is say 'awesome.'

Click for biggity.


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I Don't Wanna Wait For My Trapper Keeper To Be Nominated

Now I know you didn't know that there was such a thing as a Robot Hall of Fame in Pittsburgh, PA. I mean, you may have suspected that such a thing might exist, but you didn't like, know. Well there is. And they're not messing around either. I mean, they've got a jury and inductees and nominations and everything. And they don't hate either. Both fictional and non-fictional robots are welcome. Can you imagine you worked at the Robot Hall of Fame? Just picture that guy. He gets all the chicks. Current inductees include R2-D2, Astro Boy and more recently Data.

Notably absent from the RHoF:

Now quick! Go out and cast your vote for Optimus Prime!

Via GeekLikeMe.

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