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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Everything I Want In a Widget

Hello dear readers. I have a blog design dilemma that has been plaguing me as of late (oh the life of a blogger), and I thought I'd consult you since you're the ones for which I am writing. And you're also the ones that ultimately have to stare at the page. As you all know (obvs), widgets are all the rage in bloggerland. So I have recently added a widgetized version of the RSS feed of my tumblog in the sidebar of this blog (whoa that was some major geeking out on my part, sorry). Anyway you can see it right there --->

I have two options for the widget but I can't decide which I like best. There's the one from SpringWidgets (left) which looks pretty good and allows me set the length parameter (which I like to be long). Problem is it doesn't automatically resize the pictures so they look all gigantor like.

The one from Widgetbox (right) automatically resizes the pictures and has the slick iPhone-like scroll but doesn't look as nice and doesn't let me select the length (which is pretty short).

So now that I have displayed my geekiness to the maximus, please let me know which you like better (and why) or better yet, let me know where I can get a widget that gives me everything I want.

P.S. I'm so sure that not one person will read this post in its entirety. In fact I'm pretty sure I lost most people at "widgets". Or maybe "Hello".

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you had me at hello.... go with the short non-gigarntor one

8:21 PM  

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