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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kanye Kan

First Kanye's house now Kanye's blog. Oh yeah he's got a blog just like you and me. Well, me at least. And also like you and me he posts things like pictures of himself with other celebrities at fashion shows in Paris, shout outs to Daft Punk, videos of himself free styling with Mos Def (sorry Kanye but Mos Def is mos def better than you), super expensive tech toys he buys for himself and interview with himself from various publications. So he pretty much just reads my blog and copies it. Actually I find his posts about himself rather endearing. Somehow I detect an undertone of childlike wonder at his own celebrity status. Not sure why but there's definitely "look at me, ma!" quality about his posts.

And when he's not busy writing about his awesome hip hop self, his main interests seem to lie in fashion, design and Japanese pop art. He also likes to back up his notoriously eclectic music interests by posting videos by Feist, Mark Ronson and Bat For Lashes (!!!). And then there's this gem:

God bless you Kanye.

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Blogger Nicole - The F**k You Up Fairy said...

Kanye is weird and bitchy and immature and overconfident and egotistical and spastic and I still totally heart him.

Also, my friend Stephanie and I totally get a kick out of that Moo & Oink advert - we used to pass that store all the time when we visited Chicago last year.

4:20 PM  

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