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Sunday, September 30, 2007

YouTube Revived The Video Star

Sometimes I forget how fantastic music videos can be but more and more I'm finding that they are the perfect little nugget of entertainment for my YouTube-sized attention span. I've also noticed that artists (or the directors) are exhibiting far more creativity in the medium than before. I'm definitely seeing a lot less of the standard band set up playing for the camera and a lot more storytelling and visual effects. Now that I think about it however, creative music videos probably aren't a new development but more a function of the wider availability of a broader selection of videos. Now that YouTube has effectively rendered MTV even more obsolete than it already was, nearly everything you can imagine is available on-demand. Then again, the neat-o factor that I'm trying to describe could also just be a characteristic specific to certain genres of music. I'm sure the Nickelbacks of the world still have the dullest videos you could imagine.

Anyway, all this blah blah blah is just because I happened to spend the last 45 minutes watching music video and I found some pretty neat ones that I wanted to post. I suppose I could have done just that without all the preamble but I'm not about to go back and delete it all now!

D.A.N.C.E. by Justice

Daft Punk Is Playing At My House by LCD Soundsystem

Boy From School by Hot Chip (you have to watch this one all the way through to the end for the full effect)

Montreal -40°C by Malajube.

Thoughts? Anything else I should be watching? Please share!

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