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Friday, August 10, 2007

I Love You, Whaleboy

So a couple of days ago I was walking on Bloor St. in the Annex past what used to be Second Spin (RIP) and what is now, to my pleasant surprise, The Labyrinth, a great little shop chock full of graphic novels, anime, illustration books, artist sketch books and tons of other great stuff.

I was lucky enough to chat with Jessica - she and her husband have been specializing in this business for over 19 years traveling to schools and trade shows until they finally opened their first storefront a few months ago. Check out their blog for lots of updates on upcoming releases and special events. The store is super fun to browse through and they take special pride in showcasing the work of local (Toronto) artists. I myself picked up this fantastic print of Whaleboy by Toronto artist Bobby Chiu (which is actually Bobby's take on a character by LA artist Patrick Morgan).

Isn't he cute? I just could resist his little face! Next I might go back for some work by Deanna Marsigliese:

So if you're in the neighborhood be sure to drop by and say hello to Jessica (and her cute little baby).

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