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Sunday, October 29, 2006

They Forgot The Stork

In case you were still a little unsure about the whole "where babies come from" thing, try this step-by-step German children's book. It charts a baby's progress from the initial meeting of the parents, the missionary position, the gestation period, a ride the the "Klinik" in a lovemobile and a really happy newborn popping out of a uterus. Informative and accurate. Couldn't ask for more.

Thanks Muriel!

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Look Up

David Wiseman is a designer. Apparently his schtick has something to do with incorporating the subtle aesthetics and textures of nature with interior design. Or something. I'm not quite sure. But I am sure that this ceiling is super awesome. And he's kind of hot. So I guess that's good too.

Via NotCot.com.

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The Layman's Doppelganger

Hello out there. Is anyone even still reading this thing? Well just in case you are I thought you'd be interested to know that Canadian photographer François Brunelle has taken it upon himself to take pictures of people and their doppelgangers. He calls the project I'm Not A Look-Alike! The people pictured below are not related, they are simply strangers that have found their pseudotwins. People who want to participate in Brunnelle's project submit their information on his site and he dresses them in identical clothes, makes them touch each other in a slightly uncomfortable way and photographs the result.

Via enRoute Magazine and Farpas & Bitates.


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