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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Holy Shit!

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know, I haven't posted in, like, forever. Yeah I've read all your hate mail. Yeah I've gotten your crank calls. But see I started this new job (one that actually pays me, unlike, you know, this blog) and I suddenly find myself with a lot less free time to sleep/eat/blog. So I'm going to try to post when I can, but as you can see the frequency will be significantly diminished. Maybe that's a good thing for you. Maybe you'll do something else instead of checking my blog incessantly. Like go outside. Read a book. Call a friend. Or not. Anyway to appease you all I've posted a picture of a cute puppy:

See you're not mad at me anymore, right? I knew you'd understand.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

puppy's name is BUBBLES??
unreal, man.

3:51 PM  

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