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Friday, August 11, 2006

If I Were An M&M

The Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney is currently running Adventures with Form in Space, an exhibition that "considers the inventive ways in which contemporary artists use form, colour and space in sculpture. The works in the exhibition are essentially abstract and yet are richly imaginitive." One of the installations in the exhibit is Atomix - Full of Love, Full of Wonder, a sculpture - and I use the word lightly - by Nike Savvas that features over 50,000 polystyrene multi-coloured balls vibrating and suspended in air. How much you want to bet this chick was stoned when she came up with that idea? The whole thing probably went down like this: "OK OK OK, but what would it be like to actually be an M&M? Like, imagine being inside that bag with all these other M&Ms just hanging out. Whoa...mmmm M&Ms..." I wonder if they have a "May induce seizures" sign outside the exhibit. Click here for more pictures.

Via Farpas & Bitaites.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

viewing the Atomix exhibit really made my day dirty monkey

2:20 PM  

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