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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Glory Glory Hallelegoh

Now I know I've already shown you the Brick Testament (the bible in LEGO), a LEGO rollercoaster and a LEGO version of Escher's Relativity, but I really hope you're not all LEGOed-out cause those seem like a piece of Jesus cracker compared to this one. Amy Hughes has created the Abston Church of Christ out of approximately 75,000 pieces of LEGO and dedicated the project to the loving memory of her cat Precious. No seriously. She's even written a sermon. For her church. Made of LEGO. But religious devotion aside, this project is incredible. She has posted a whole bunch of pictures of it on her site, and rightfully so. The level of detail that she's gone into to make this church just blows my mind.

Via Fawn Jotters.

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