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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Dog Says Wang Wang

In the same spirit as The Sneeze' Global Schoolyard Rhyme Project, the Department of Linguistics at Georgetown University has created Sounds of the World's Animals, a reader-submitted collection of the various ways people make animal sounds in different languages. The database is organized by language and by animal for all your international animal sounds needs. I think the best variety was the dog's bark. Check out how some languages are woofing:

Afrikaans: woef
Albanian: ham ham/hum hum
Arabic (Algeria): haw haw
Bengali: ghaue-ghaue
Catalan: bup, bup
Chinese (Mandarin): wang wang
Croatian: vau-vau
Danish: vov
Dutch: woef
English: bow wow, arf, woof, ruff ruff
English (Old English): Hund byrcð.
Esperanto: boj
Estonian: auh
Finnish: hau hau/vuh vuh
French: ouah ouah
German: wau wau, wuff wuff
Greek: gav
Hebrew: haw haw/hav hav
Hindi: bho-bho
Hungarian: vau-vau
Icelandic: voff
Indonesian: gonggong
Italian: bau bau
Japanese: wanwan, kyankyan
Korean: mung-mung/wang-wang
Norwegian: voff/vov-vov
Polish: hau hau
Portuguese (Portugal): au au au (nasal diphthong)
Portuguese (Brazil): au-au
Russian: gav-gav
Slovene: hov-hov
Spanish (Spain, Argentina): guau guau
Swedish: vov vov
Thai: hoang hoang (with falling tone)
Turkish: hav hav
Ukrainian: haf-haf
Vietnamese: wau wau

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

do dogs actually bark in different languages?!?
(i know they don't but how do other cultures not hear what we hear and repeat it? it's not like ruff ruff is english only)

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:21 PM  
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