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Friday, November 11, 2005

Stuffed Stuff

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid anything I owned that was plush was a teddy bear, or maybe the odd puppy. But really the stuffed cuteness ended there. But apparently Gund just doesn't cut it these days. At least not by the standards of Japanese novelty online store Spiral and Circle. according to them, food (and cats) seem to be all the rage in plush land. It's amazing the stuff they can stuff. Let us examine some of their products, shall we?

Item #1: Plush Double-Decker Sandwich (with cats). Complete with plush buns, tomatos cheese and lettuce.

Item #2: Pluch Omlette (with cats). Complete with plush egg, plush broccoli and plush "tomato kitties".

Item #3: Plush Strawberry Shortcake (with cats). Complete with plush strawberries and whipped cream (!).

Item #4: Plush Sushi set (with cats). Assortment of maki and sashimi pieces. Complete with plush serving dish. Looks like the cats fill in for rice here. Clever.

Item #5: Plush Cat in Peach Costume. Um...

For all your plush-cats-dressed-up-as-food needs, check out Spiral and Circles.

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