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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Teddy Trip

You know that teddy you've got sitting on your bed for "decoration" but that you really can sleep without? Well Andreas and Martina from Stockholm think that your teddy works realy hard being as loyal to you it is and that it needs a vacation. Teddy In Sthlm is a service (service!) that offers you the chance to send your best stuffed friend on a well earned vacation to Stockholm, Sweden for a small fee (149 EUR outside of Europe). That fee will ensure that your teddy will be sent to Stockholm, will spend a great week seeing the sites and will return to you with an exclusive photodiary. Worried that your teddy won't have a good time? Don't fret, after filling out the personality questionaire (Is there anything your Teddy can’t or won’t eat?), your teddy's tour guides will have a good understanding of what teddy wants. And if that's not enough, they also offer you their personal Swedish guarantee:

We will insure you that this is an serious site were two people does everything to maintain the status of the amazing teddy’s. We have a great collection our self and we hope that you will give your teddy’s a wonderful vacation.
Dear readers, I am not shitting you. These people actually want to take your lazy-ass wide-eyed Gund on a freakin vacation. Just three words: W. T. F.

Thanks Sash.

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