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Monday, November 21, 2005

Cocky Cake

When I was a kid I almost peed in my pants when my mom bought me an ice cream cake with clowns on it for my birthday. Boy did I think that was the shit. Apparently I was wrong. The "cakes" Confetti Cakes in New York are making are so elaborate that I can only imagine that they're no fun to eat (I can only imagine because I'll never buy an $800 cake). I mean, how would you even try to cut the damn thing? And wouldn't you feel really guilty for ruining something someone obviously put a lot of work into? Kind of like ripping off nicely done wrapping on a gift. If someone was dumb enough to get me one of these I think I'd take about 30 pictures of it before I even thought about actually eating it. I bet you $800 it tastes like shit anyway.

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