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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

11 Year-Old Potential

Jack Gregory is the coolest kid ever. I accidentally stumbled upon his blog Life In Laguardia, and let me tell you, this kid is cool. His blog is still in its infancy (only 7 posts old), but it shows amazing potential. Riveting insight from the life of an 11 year-old. On his blog you'll find such nuggets as "We started to watch the movie Napoleon Dynamite, which is probably one of the single greatest comedies on the planet" and "when evr i try to smile i always get some weird looking expression where i look like i'm totally nuts or i'm really constipated [sic]." Awesome. His most recent post is about how he stayed up for 24 hours straight for the first time ever. A momentous occasion indeed. Plus this kid had the single best Halloween costume I've seen this year: Martha Stewart in jail. I'll definitely keep an eye on this kid.

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