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Friday, June 24, 2005

Um, You Mean Graffiti?

The Wooster Collective: a neat-o website devoted to graffiti - or "street art" as they call it - around the world. This isn't the regular run-of-the-mill graffiti that you see on the side of the cornerstore in your neighbourhood that says something like: "MCee Dangrrr wuz here '95" in all kinds of twisty, illegible writing (you know what I'm talking about), no, no, the work featured on the Wooster Collective are the creations of veritable arteests that have yet to be discovered. I mean, these people are making elaborate paintings with spray paint bottles and I can just barely colour inside the lines.

Now it's a cool website and all but let's get serious: people who say "street art" instead of graffiti are kind of like people who use the term "graphic novel" with a straight face. It's a fucking comic book, people! I mean your shit is cool and all - no discussion here - but try not to take yourself so damn seriously, mmkay?

Street art, by a street artist in Spain

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