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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

At Least They Can't Do It Again

OK, I'm about seven months late on this one but, in my own defense, I didn't have a blog seven months ago. Anyway, right after the last U.S. election James Zetlen (not pictured here, I just thought this picture was funnier), a 20 year-old student from the University of Southern California started what has now become a new form of grassroots online protest. Sorry Everybody is a collection of photographs of democrat-voting Americans holding up signs expressing their apologies to the rest of the world for having allowed Bush to be elected for a second term. Most of the participants in this project want to make it clear that they tried their darndest, but they just couldn't do anything about the other half of the population. This website has in turn spawned a slew of reaction and imitation websites. The most interesting was created by some Dutch dudes (do you know them Caroline?) who were most likely sitting around smoking a joint when they came up with Apologies Accepted. I'm assuming the conversation went something like this:

Dutch Guy 1: Dude, you know that site Sorry Everybody? You know, on the internet?
Dutch Guy 2: Yeah, what about it? It's out, who has a lighter?
Dutch Guy 3: Here.
Dutch Guy 1: Well, I just got the best idea ever. We should totally, like, make our own website to accept their apologies!
Dutch Guy 2: Whoa you're right, that is the best idea ever!
Dutch Guy 3: Can I have my lighter back? You always steal them from me.

Only in Dutch.

So, as you smart people might have already gathered, it's a sight where people from all over the world send in similar pictures of themselves holding up signs accepting the apologies of the Americans on Sorry Everybody. Other reaction sites include Sorry Everybody, My Ass and Not Sorry, Not Everybody. As a side note, democrat or not, it seems that capitalism is a difficult thing to avoid - you can purchase the Sorry Everybody book here.

Damn monkey!

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