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Thursday, June 22, 2006

A History of Wikipedia

Taking a page out of Kottke's book (or rather a meme out of his blog), this is my Wikipedia contrail (ie: Wikipedia search history). I'm sure my search history is more extensive than this but I work from different computers so I don't have the complete list. I love Wikipedia so this was a fun exercise for me but I'm not so sure will be very interesting to all of you. But then again this is my blog. So here goes it:

  • Battle Royale - a great novel that I was reading (and then movie that I saw) by Koushun Takami
  • Coffee (history) - I was discussing the etymology of the word with my brother (incidentally I was right, comes from the Turkish/Farsi word kahve)
  • Dominoes - just looking up a bit of history on the game for a documentary my friend is working on
  • Julian Beever - for a blog post about his street art
  • Kingdom Hearts - a video game my friend had told me about
  • La Linea - reminiscing about one of the best shows I watched when I was a kid (and for a blog post)
  • MacGyver - also for a recent blog post
  • Monopoly - just out of sheer curiosity (which then turned into a blog post)
  • Nintendo DS - before the release date was announced I was desperate for any information I could find!
  • Persian Jews - wanted to know a little more about myself
  • Rube Goldberg - I had recently read about Rube Goldberg machines and wanted to know a little about the man
  • Serge Gainsbourg - I had read an article about him that my brother sent me and I wanted to know a little more
  • Teh - call me dense but I started to realize that people were writing it like this on purpose and I wanted to know why
  • The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay - the fantastic book I'm reading right now by Michael Chabon
  • Union Station (Toronto)- I don't remember why I was looking this up - I live in Toronto, maybe I wanted some history?
  • Utada Hikaru - Japanese pop singer that has a really great song on the Kingdom Hearts videogame soundtrack
  • W00t - I wanted to know the origin of this word, wonderful loot? We Owned the Other Team? Who knows?
OK so now that we've established that I'm a big nerd, I will tag a few people to see if they're big nerds too:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

w00t! First comment!
Hey, I'm not a nerd... I'm a geek! :)
Thanks for the link.

12:30 AM  

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