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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fringe Benefit 1: The Gamekillers Preview Screening

Every once in a while it actually pays to be a lowly blogger like myself. And I don't mean pay in terms of actual cash, but rather in the form of perks. Now these aren't perks like "I like your blog so much that I just want to give you free stuff" but they're more of the "I work for a marketing company that's taking a 'grassroots' approach to selling a product so I want to create contrived 'buzz' but getting bloggers to write about a certain product" variety. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for getting bribed with free stuff, I am a blogger after all, I just thought I should come clean with you. Also, I think it's funny that people think my blog has any clout whatsoever. But shhhh, don't tell them. So all that to say every time I get approached with such a fringe benefit, I will accept it, blog about it (the product and the perk) and I will do it all in an honest and open way. So note to marketing companies: KEEP SENDING ME FREE STUFF.

First up: The Gamekillers (American site) exclusive media preview screening. The Gamekillers is a half-reality, half-comedy show about the different types of characters that kill your chances when you're trying to score. A poor unwitting sap is used as the subject. He is trying to get with a girl who is in on the joke. Cameras follow them on their dates as various "gamekillers" try to ruin his chances with her. Gamekillers include British Accent Guy, The One Upper and The Drama Queen. The show was actually kind of funny to watch (no, seriously) and it had very original transition segments with a style reminiscent of the movie Rushmore. The Axe deodorant product tie-in was pretty lame though. The first episode aired on Saturday, April 22nd on the Comedy Network, so as you can see I'm a little behind with this post (sorry) and I'm not really sure when it's airing now. Bad, bad blogger. But let us move on to more important matters like the perks.

  • An invitation to a private screening at Camera Bar
  • Nice finger food
  • Free booze
  • A Gamekillers t-shirt that says "Drama Queen"
  • A stick of Axe anti-perspirent
  • Free cab ride home (which is pretty far away)
So all in all it was a pretty sweet deal. Keep em coming!

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