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Friday, January 06, 2006

I Wasn't Shitting You About This Ninja Stuff

Man, since I first posted about bringing you more ninja content this stuff just seems to be finding me! And boy am I glad about that cause this is a really good one. Even better than - dare I say it - Fuggy Fuggy. Tiny Plaid Ninjas is a series of flash animations from Spinnerdisc. These little guys like to talk almost as much as they like to fight. The animation is really well done and the humour is top notch. They've only made three short episodes so far but I'm crossing my fingers for a feature-length straight to DVD film. I can see it now: "Tiny Plaid Ninjas: The Movie. Featuring Argyle Ninja, Floral Ninja, Spontaneously Combustible Squirrel and Joseph." Who's with me on this one?

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