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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tic Tac Crap

Are individually wrapped Tic Tacs really necessary? Apparently so. My favorite part about the Tic Tac Silvers is their lame-ass website where they give you suggestions for what to do with your incredibly wasteful purchase (you know, other than eat them):

Share the moment: Plan a special evening with your daughter. Take out your old photos and tell stories from your childhood. Share some SILVERS as you share your memories.

Weddings: Use SILVERS instead of rice to welcome the new bride and groom with a silver cascade of sweet wishes.

Make someone smile: Is your sister feeling blue? Does your mother have a frown? Cheer them up - give them a big hug and share some SILVERS. You're sure to get a thankful smile!
WTF? What craptastic copywriter spewed that shit out? Just to spite them, I'm going to buy some of these and not do any of the things they suggest. How's that for passive resistance?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is such a waste. there are so many companies coming out with products that have so much waste.
like the swiffer. just swiff it and throw it away. what ever happened to mopping and reusing the mop?
i hate waste for no reason other than laziness or convenience.

11:40 AM  
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