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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Stuff In Bags

I know this makes my dork status official but I'm willing to make that sacrifice on the off change that fellow dorks are among my readership. I find this really neat and who knows, maybe some non-dorks will too. I've always thought I could get to know a lot about a person just by looking in their bag, almost as if I could tell whether or not I'd want to be friends with someone just by seeing the items they carry around with them. I know: dork. But apparently I'm not the only dork out there. The aptly named Flickr Group What's In Your Bag is a collection of pictures people have taken of the contents of their bags! Yeay! Lots of neat stuff. Lots of stuff that I'm jealous of. And I think almost every single one had some kind of iPod. I spent way too much time looking at all the stuff in peoples bag. And then I had to do my own. See all the pictures here, dork.

This dork's stuff.

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