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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Stuff+Cats=Pretty Good Idea

Now I don't have a cat, but if I did, I'd definitely be participating in this, erm, project. Actually, I'm thinking of getting a cat just to be a part of this. The people at Stuff On My Cat sound like my kind of people. Their slogan is "Stuff+Cats=Awesome." That's pretty funny folks. But not quite as funny as some of the submissions they get. The name kind of says it all. People send in pictures of their cats with...stuff on them. So simple, it's genius. The categories of "stuff" range from Food to Creatures to Naughty Stuff. The pictures are hilarious and most of the time the cats seem to be pretty indifferent to the stuff being piled on their bodies for the sake of communal internet humour. Here's a question for all you cat owners out there: is this a common practice, putting stuff on your feline friends? Or is it a strange pleasure enjoyed by a marginal few? Just asking. If you want to participate, and god bless you if you do, the information is here.

Thank you to Parker for this awesome find. Mucho appreciated.

Do you think they ordered all that pizza just to take this picture?

This isn't considered, like, abuse, is it?

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