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Monday, August 15, 2005

Captain Koons For President

I'd like to say thank you to the people who have nothing better to do than make up elaborate internet hoaxes with no decernable profit or gain to the perpetrator other than modest attention in certain internet circles. Whatever floats your boat I guess. But really, these people make my day. Someone out there went to great lengths to make it look like Christopher Walken has announced his candidacy for the 2008 presidential race. In spite of his recent questionable roles (see Gigli, Kangaroo Jack), the prevailing opinion seems to be "getting christopher walken for president would rawk! He was like sooo awesome in that music video!" Right. The "official" website is pretty funny, complete with information on his party affiliation (he has none) and snazzy campaign slogan (It's time to get America back on track). Nicely done.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The site is a hoax. I spoke to Maura Buxbaum at ID PR, Walken's publicist. She said that Walken "has no aspirations for public office."


3:17 PM  
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