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Friday, August 26, 2005


I've been meaning to post this one for a while but I suppose I got side-tracked by jellyfish and Grandmasters of origami and playdough oranges and the like. You know how it is. Anyway, this is a site called Overheard In New York where people (presumably from New York) can go to write a transcript of funny bits of conversation they've heard and where people (presumably from anywhere) can go to read these funny bits of coversation that New Yorkers have had. Now one has to assume that most of the stuff on there is the truth (or an approximation thereof). I suppose any one could write anything cause there's no real way of verifying it but if you do that then you're a really big loser and you need help/a life. Most of the quotes seem to revolve around sex, bodily functions, racial issues, drugs and relationships. Here's a good one:

Girl #1: My friend Chandra thinks she's still a virgin because she's only
had anal sex.
Girl #2: How do you know this girl?
Girl #1: She goes to my church.

--NY Public Library, 5th Ave & 42nd St.

And here's one that is equally entertaining:

Dumb teen: Hey, look at this! It says "Train for jobs in beeyotch."
Smarter teen: Fool! That word is biotech. Why you gotta be ignorant all
your life?

--1 train

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i want more of this..soo funny

12:02 AM  
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