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Monday, July 25, 2005

I Said Gizoogle Motherfuckas!

OK, I was going to write some funny comment in hebonics with the fizzle and the shizzle but I'm way too lazy right now. The site Gizoogle translates any website into hebonics, complete with "homies" and "motherfuckers". My site - I Guess W-to-tha-izze'll J-to-tha-izzust Hizzle To Adjust - looks like this. Funny. And here's my post about the Brick Testament site (below) as rewritten by Gizoogle:

Hizzle you ever caught yoself sippin' "man, tha Bible is bor'n . It's your homie snoop dogg from the dpg. How do thugz read this th'n?"? Did you ever gangsta if anyone else has no clue who Cain n Abel are? Have you ever wished someone would jizzust takes tha tizzle ta carefully illustrate every story in tha Bible out of Lego blocks, takes pictures of tha scenes, add shawty speech bubbles fo` clarificizzles n conveniently publish T-H-to-tha-izzem on a usa-friendly website but wizzle too afraid ta ask fo` fear of clockin' tha terrible wrath of God, or worse, creationists? Wizzy W-to-tha-izzish no crazy ass nigga fo` Rev. Brendan Powell Smizzith (note: not a real reverand) has created The Brick Testament , virtually tha entire Bible, scene by scene, in comic-book style, made entirely of Lego. Awesome now motherfuckers lemme here ya say hoe. Genius actually . Tru niggaz do niggaz. I'm pretty sure tizzy tha Lego men he used fo` Moses n God is Aragorn n Gandalf from tha Lord of tha Rings Lego set. But whateva works, really wit da big Bo$$ Dogg.

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