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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Forgive me if I could choose just one or two (or three) pictures for this post. They're all so brilliant that I wanted to share as many as possible with you. Julian Beever is a UK street artist who uses chalk to create incredible optical illusions (or anamorphisms, or even trompe l'oeil if you prefer) on streets and sidewalks.

The results are what seem to be incredibly realistic 3D drawings when viewed from the right angle.

When viewed from the wrong angle you get an idea of how distorted the image has to be in order to appear three dimensional. I wish I had an idea of how distorted Julian Beever's mind has to be in order to create these incredible images. Unfortunately his homepage seems to be down at the moment but a Google Images search should give you your fix.

A BIG thanks to Andrea for this one!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

anamorphism. wow! :p

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very impressive and inspiring!

Concerning the ability to draw such paintings, it's just geometry. The easiest way to project a 3D picture is to take a semi-transparent picture and while holding it verticaly against a horizontal sheet of paper, copy the lines seen on the semi-transparent picture on the paper behind it. The next step is just to copy the result to the larger environment.

2:25 AM  
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