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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Power to the PotterPuffs

WARNING: More Harry Potter content. Sorry.

God I love pop culture mash ups. For some reason these types of things make me squeeeee! with joy. God I'm a nerd. Much in the same vain as the as the South Park style Lost characters I had told you about a few months ago, this is a Harry Potter/Powerpuff Girls mash up. Live Journal user Naomi Noelle has created PotterPuffs where she brilliantly draws various Harry Potter characters in Powerpuff Girls style. She also uses her PotterPuffs to depicts various scenes from the books/films as well as other "scenes" that appear neither in the books or the film (ie: a Harry/Snape romance). Not sure why these things amuse me so, but they do. Try not to be so negative.

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