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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


This beautiful phonograph-style CD player designed by yong jieyu + ama is such a pleasure to look at that it might just make me stop illegally downloading music and start buying CDs again. Maybe you should buy it for me so we can find out. Also their website makes my head confused but it's pretty neat.

Via Notcot.org.

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Theo and the Giant Wind Monsters

Theo Jansen is a Dutch engineer who, in his spare time, likes to read books, play backgammon and create giant, monster-like kinetic sculptures that stroll down the beaches of Holland propelled by the wind. and wine. He looks like he probably likes wine too. Check out his website Strandbeest for far more information than I can be bothered to summarize for you here. But what I can be bothered to do is post some super awesome pictures because I know most of you don't actually read what I write but just scroll through and look at the pretty pictures.

Now these pictures are nice and dandy but to get the full effect you need to watch the video:

By the way I just made up that stuff about the books and the backgammon. But I'm pretty much sure it's true.


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